Our last two days in Chennai

After that exhausting day at Dizzee World- we spent the last two days in Chennai doing some sightseeing, shopping, packing, eating out & saying goodbye to all our new friends. We were all getting a little homesick but SO excited about our upcoming vacay to the Andaman Islands. Will post pics from that trip next!

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Dizzee World- July 28

I don’t even know where to begin with this place except to say it was quite an experience…The name is obviously a take on another more famous park.. but with a little bit of truth thrown in- at least for me. We took along Nitu (thanks Sredevi for letting her miss school!! :0) and it was one of the few places we went that actually wasn’t crowded. Let the good times roll…

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Birla Planetarium and Science & Technology Park

The kids & I had a fun afternoon at the BP & SC. It looked like it was really cool when it opened (in 1988) but was in some pretty serious need of repair & updating. Even so, there were some really interesting things there & we enjoyed it…

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We’re HOME!!!

Too tired for a big post right now but here’s a photo from our amazing beach trip & will post more later…

On Havelock Island- AKA Paradise

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Valakaappu (Baby shower) & beach

On Sunday, we had another busy day that started with us being treated like visiting dignitaries at a Valakaappu- baby shower. From the minute we walked in, we were given gifts, adorned with finery & photographed. WE felt like the guests of honor! It was an amazing experience & the photos really don’t do it justice… Suffice it to say that we had a great time and it was one of the highlights of our trip! Thanks Navin + family!! We kept the fun going by heading to the beach- one of the widest in the world- and then over to Sredevi’s for another wonderful dinner. What an awesome weekend!!!

We’ve done lots of other fun things this week (science center & planetarium and a trip to MGM Dizee world) but I won’t have time to post about them because we are leaving tomorrow morning for our vacation (within a vacation) to the Andaman Islands. It’s so remote that there isn’t even internet service there! Then the day we get back (at 2 PM) we turn around & leave for home (at 2 AM) I know we are going to experience reverse cultural shock. I am so excited to come home & see everyone-but I also don’t want to leave. I guess all good things must come to an end… I will finish up the photoblog when I get home so keep checking back to see this past week in Chennai as well as photos from paradise!! (ANDAMAN ISLANDS – check it out- can’t wait!) Thanks for reading!!

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On Sat we went here with Sridevi (who works with Naylor) & her family. MAHABALIPURAM will do a more thorough job than me of explaining what it is. But basically, it is a town with lots of historical sights- including the Seashore temple, Krishna’s butterball & lots of amazing carvings & large granite rocks. The kids (and us!) had such a blast- it is a super cool place & it was a wonderful day!! Afterward, we even went back to Senthil’s house for a really late (but yummy!) dinner (and more playing for the kids…)

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A few outings & such

We spent Thursday & Friday seeing a movie (Sorcerer’s Apprentice- in english with english subtitles- the kids loved it!) doing a little shopping (I got to go out WITHOUT the kids with Surbi- we had so much fun!!) having dinner out, swimming & having lunch with Naylor & his team from work. We also terrorize- I mean- keep the hotel staff on it’s feet! Everyone is always so nice to the kids! (And us too, of course..)

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DakshinaChitra- South Indian cultural center

DakshinaChitra was really cool!! (DAKSHINACHITRA- In case you want to check it out…) The theme there is the culture of South India- the people’s homes, handicrafts & lifestyles. The thing the kids really enjoyed was actually making the handicrafts. They made a shaker and a puppet out of palm leaves, ground rice the old fashioned way, made a pot on a pottery wheel & Edie got Mehndi on her hand. We also watched a glass blower (he made a necklace for Isaac) played on a rope bridge & got a cool bow & arrow made out of sticks. Definitely a fun AND educational day!

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Crocodile Farm

After a day off from travel & shopping, the kids & I went to the Crocodile Bank (farm) just south of Chennai. It’s a pretty scenic trip through lots of little burroughs with the usual cows, goats, dogs, etc in the streets. It also runs right next to the coast so you can see palm trees & occasionally the water. The Croc farm itself was pretty cool- LOTS of crocs, of course. There were also a few snakes & turtles, but mostly many types of crocs….

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Shopping weekend in Chennai

We spent the weekend shopping ( fabric & boxes & bags- oh my!) and meeting up with friends & families. We got lots of goodies & had fun visiting people’s homes.

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